Minamax Business Promotions

Terms & Conditions

1. MinaMax Business Promotions will provide and/or set up promotional ideas, social media content, advertisements and/or material related to your business. The driving of sales, responding to enquiries or providing the product and/or service is your responsibility.

2. All intellectual property remains my own, pertaining to any ideas, templates used, or marketing strategies MinaMax Business Promotions provide and as such are my own to use as and where necessary. You are not able to pass on this information to any other business without consent.

3. All information given and content created, including text, images or any media related to posts can only be used for the intended paid purpose. Content cannot be reproduced on other social platforms or any other areas either within or out with the business, including, yet not limited to, websites, promotional content or business paraphernalia.

4. It is your responsibility to ensure any content, images or information given to MinaMax Business Productions for use on social media or any other relevant platform is suitable for use/is copyright and royalty-free. Any images supplied by MinaMax Business Promotions will be royalty-free and/or purchased and suitable for business use.

5. Any documentation provided and any information contained within is for the use of the purchaser only and must not be passed or sold on to any third parties.

6. For any work carried out on a package basis, the posts created weekly will depend on the amount of research required/time taken to create images or animations, unless otherwise agreed.

7. Any copyrighting or blog work will be priced on a per job basis and will be agreed before any work is carried out.

8. MinaMax Business Promotions will keep all information and data exchanged and pertaining to your business confidential and safe. No information will be passed on and this includes (but not limited to) any emails/passwords/images/ideas suggested by your business. Any access to your social media accounts/websites or similar will not be abused and used only for the purposes originally intended.

9. MinaMax Business Promotions cannot accept any responsibility for issues that may arise outwith our control due to working on third party software including (but not limited to) Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok or any scheduling software used.

10. Payment is required either half before/half after work is carried out, or upfront if preferable. In cases where a slot is to be confirmed, a 20% deposit of the total amount is required. Applicable in all cases unless otherwise agreed.

11. Any remaining payment due must be paid within 7 days upon completion of the work carried out, or if paid monthly, within 7 days of work commencing.

12. Notice of one week is required if you wish to cancel services. Failure to do so may require payment having to be made (of services that otherwise would have been carried out) unless an agreement is previously made.

13. MinaMax Business Promotions reserves the right to terminate any work agreed at any point and payment returned if circumstances deem appropriate to do so.

14. Upon termination of work carried out, any email address, passwords, promotional material and similar data from your business will be handed over and be your property.

15. Confirmation of receipt of/reading of these terms and conditions is also required either by signing and sending back or via written confirmation.